E2E Mentorship Program


Dear Pastor, Minister, Mentee:

Essential to the survival of any ministry is its ability and willingness to tap into a structured, scriptural and sound ecclesiastical support system. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Robbie C. Peters has put in place a much needed infrastructure for both new and established Senior Pastors as well their ministries.

Elijah to Elisha Apostolic Covering an entity of The Kingdom Empowerment International Covenant Fellowship of Churches Inc. serves as both a practical and spiritual vehicle of resources, guidance and assorted insights for Senior Ministers and Mentees concerning an array of Pastoral and Ministerial issues.

The key to Apostle Peters and Elijah to Elisha Apostolic Covering along with The Kingdom Empowerment International Covenant Fellowship of Churches Inc. mission is to nurture, and father Senior Pastors along with The 5 Fold Ministries while mentoring other ministers as well as entrepreneurs and hierarchy of the Church and Episcopacy as they cope with the very real and difficult task of shepherding the people whom God has entrusted to them.  Through structured and casual interactions with the staff from The Empowerment Worship Center entities; Senior Pastors,
Ministers, Mentees and other hierarchy will be instructed on how to equip the saints for ministry.

Additionally, Senior Pastors, Ministers, Mentees and other Lay Persons are afforded personal time and access to Apostle Peters in route to addressing and solving personal and intimate issues specific to them.

A focal point to Elijah to Elisha Apostolic Covering and The Kingdom Empowerment International Covenant Fellowship of Churches Inc. mandate is to promote ministry with a spirit of excellence and Christ-like integrity with the overall objective to bring Glory and honor to God.

If you are a Senior Pastor, Minister, Mentee or any Lay Person who desires to be part of this life changing covering, and would like more information concerning this ministry, please contact my administrator:

Ebony Owens
email her at


You will be scheduled with an appointment to speak personally with Apostle Robbie C. Peters regarding your interest in this type of ministry support! Or to pay your assessment click here.

Elijah to Elisha Apostolic Covering
Apostle Robbie C Peters, Ph.D.